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Critical Response Group

It all started with a question and a dream.

The Question: What if we took the hard-fought lessons learned by the United States Special Operations community during the global war on terror and applied them to emergency planning and response back home?

The Dream: Imagine if we could utilize the most revolutionary technology available so that domestic emergency managers and first responders could have the same cutting edge planning and response tools used by our country’s most elite fighting forces.

From this question and dream came Critical Response Group: a team of professionals from the military Special Operations, domestic public safety, and emergency management communities who are determined to make our country and citizens safer and better prepared by transforming the way we plan and respond to critical incidents.

Using BAE Systems’ revolutionary GXP geospatial eXploitation products, Critical Response Group transforms text-based emergency action plans into GeoRelevant™ Collaborative Response Graphics™– highly-functional visual planning and response tools.

With a Collaborative Response Graphic, the critical information contained in an entire emergency plan binder can be reduced to a single, easy to understand, geospatially accurate graphic. Personnel can plan, collaborate, and respond with a universal understanding of the emergency plan, operational area, and available resources and options. With the addition of a BAE Systems Xplorer server, first responders, emergency management professionals, and others integral to a successful and effective response can locate and track each other in real time while having a common geospatial reference. Critical information can be documented, captured, and instantly disseminated to personnel actively engaged in responding and reacting.

Working together with our strategic partners and clients, Critical Response Group is committed to harnessing the lessons, successes, and sacrifices of our best and brightest warriors to make us all safer here at home.

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