A Message from the President, August 2019


We want to express our gratitude for all the positive feedback we received after our July 2019 Newsletter was released. Over the past month we have enhanced our company profile by establishing additional strategic relationships with State Chief Associations in Virginia and Illinois and expanded our relationship in Wisconsin. As I noted in our last Newsletter, we want our clients to have a sense of comfort that when working with Critical Response Group they know we are collaborating with the right people to ensure the products we provide are relevant to the public safety community. Unfortunately, the tragic events in Dayton, OH, and El Paso, TX, remind us how quickly events can unfold and the importance of being prepared for a quick and coordinated public safety response. We appreciate the confidence we receive from safety professionals we deal with each day and for their progressive thinking. As a company, we pay special attention to avoid viewing problems public safety professionals experience through the lens of theory and instead we focus on the true nature of an emergency response.

The use of Collaborative Response Graphics (CRGs) continues to grow across the country and we have had the good fortune to support several emergency exercises that were sponsored by public safety organizations. Our experience working with organizations of all types provides us with a unique understanding of the challenges faced by first responders when they attempt to increase their situational awareness by accessing and using accurate building floor plans. As a consequence of our interactions, our product enhancements are directly informed by people who may be called upon to use them in a time of crisis.  That approach will always define how Critical Response Group approaches its work.

In this edition of our Newsletter we are highlighting StoneGate Associates, who we feel provides great services to its clients. We hope you have an opportunity to avail yourself to the services they provide, since it’s obvious to us that any organization would benefit greatly from their wisdom and experience. We have collaborated many times with StoneGate and count ourselves fortunate to be strategic partners with their team. Please visit their website to learn more about the products and services they provide at https://www.stonegateassociates.net.

As always, thank you for being a part of our community and for helping Critical Response Group be a positive influence on public safety.

Sincerely, Phil Coyne