HSEEP-compliant Emergency Response Exercises

Critical Response Group designs, conducts, facilitates, evaluates, and completes after-action reporting for Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)-compliant emergency response exercises. We specialize in both full-scale and table-top exercises…

Micro CRG

Built for each floor of a structure, Micro CRGs combine a gridded overlay, high resolution imagery, and floor plans together into one map. Micro CRGs include everything that a first…


Built for a structure’s campus and grounds, MACRO CRG’s combine a gridded overlay, current overhead imagery with accurate labeling for parking areas, athletic fields, surrounding roads, and neighboring properties. First…

Types of Locations

Public and Private Schools K-12, Colleges and Universities, Government Buildings, Corporate Office Space, Commercial Space, Entertainment Venues, Transportation Hubs, Power Stations, County, State, and National Parks


Micro Collaborative Response Graphics.