A Message from the President, July 2019


I’m proud to introduce the first Newsletter for the Critical Response Group (CRG).  Our Newsletter will be a means of updating people connected with our company on new product offerings and enhancements, public safety training and events we conduct, emerging safety initiatives and spotlighting strategic partners.  We want our clients to have a sense of comfort that when working with Critical Response Group they know we are collaborating with the right people to ensure the products we provide are relevant to the public safety community. 

In the Summer of 2016, our company was formally established with the specific purpose of introducing lessons learned from decades of collective experience gained by domestic public safety professionals and the United States (Military) Special Operations Force (USSOF) community.  We created a simple, yet sophisticated, communication and collaboration tool called a Collaborative Response Graphic® (CRG®) that is used to easily coordinate an emergency response both inside and outside a building.  We have seen our clients, strategic partners and peer groups expand exponentially each year, and are proud to announce that we have deployed thousands of CRGs across the United States and have several hundred schools as client partners in New Jersey alone.  Unfortunately, over the past three years we have also continued to see tragic events unfold across the country that reinforces the importance of remaining vigilant in our security efforts while establishing ways to educate ourselves on current events and best practices. 

We build relationships with partners that share our core values and who we feel contribute positively to your success.  In this edition of our Newsletter we are highlighting BAE Systems, who have been a part of our company’s journey from the beginning.  In our August 2019 Newsletter we will expand the utility of our company web site to create a robust Resource Center.  We will make available relevant periodicals, white papers, news stories and articles, as well and links to government safety requirements and various safety initiatives we encounter.  It is our hope to create a collaborative environment where meaningful information sharing can occur, with the goal of making our communities safer.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for helping Critical Response Group be a positive influence on public safety. 

Sincerely, Phil Coyne