Featured Partner: Capita

Capita, 911Eye and Critical Response Group

Critical Response Group, Inc. (CRG) is a proud strategic partner with Capita, a United Kingdom company that has established a strong public safety presence here in the United States. Approximately two years ago CRG began a relationship with key leaders of Capita, who expressed their sincere interest in leveraging technology platforms they provide to enhance the capabilities across the US public safety community. Capita has been a supplier of mission-critical solutions to law enforcement agencies for over 30 years and works closely with clients to support evolving operational requirements and future business needs. We quickly saw that Capita’s overarching desire is to create better outcomes for their clients, and that core value closely aligned with CRG’s. Since we formalized our relationship, Capita has continued to demonstrate their commitment to the US market. They listen to their clients to ensure they are delivering superior services and routinely upgrade their technology based on the feedback they receive. That type of responsiveness is not common of an organization of their size, and we attribute that characteristic to the top-quality leadership team we work with each and every day.

CRG is the US distributor of Capita’s product 911eye, which we believe is a vital enhancement to a public safety response. 911eye enables a caller with a smartphone to stream live footage directly from their phone’s camera into the Communications Center, providing vital live footage to help first responders increase their situational awareness. Together, with the caller’s location, which is provided by way of GPS coordinates, a Public Safety Telecommunicator (PST) can make a more informed decision on mobilizing the correct resources. By clicking on a URL link contained within the text message, a secure ‘one-time-use’ live video stream is enabled. The stream allows the communications Center to see the incident, assess how serious it is and, with the caller’s location also provided, help decide what is the proper response. 911eye technology is relatively new to the US market, but it has been deployed in municipal and county dispatch centers to great success. We are very excited for what this relationship will bring the public safety community in the coming years.

For more information on 911eye visit 911eye.com or other Capita products and services please visit capita.com .