First Quarter 2020

A Message from the President

Over the past few months, our company has seen an excellent expansion of our strategic partners and clients across several states. We continue to interact closely with local, county, and state public safety organizations and established new strategic relationships with the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police (GACP), Virginia Association of Chiefs of Police (VACP) and the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association (MCPA). Our team leverages our experience and unique approach to implementation, so first responders are comfortable using CRGs in the event an emergency occurs. We ensure they have access to CRG’s, provide training and supporting their efforts during planned or emerging events.

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CRGs in Action

The implementation of any new technology, technique, or tactic can be challenging. First responders in Cherry Hill, NJ demonstrate the right way to do business during a drill facilitated by the NJ Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness Training and Exercise Bureau. 

The initial supervisor, often known as the “5th man”, is the first to take command in an incident. The use of a CRG is essential in coordinating the movement of tactical groups of law enforcement officers, or “contact teams”, inside of a building.
As an incident progresses, a command post is established. A CRG is the heart of a functioning incident command post, allowing leaders to share situational awareness and coordinate the activities of first responders.
A Rescue Task Force, or “RTF”, is an EMS unit that can operate within a building when there is still the potential threat of violence. CRGs are essential for briefing RTFs so they know exactly where casualties are located in a building.
Securing a large building like a school can be extremely challenging. CRGs allow tactical leaders to quickly visualize complicated buildings and grounds and direct resources safely and efficiently.

First responders in Burlington Township, NJ model the use of CRGs during a drill run by local public safety agencies and the school district. 

The first supervisor takes command, using a CRG to get situational awareness inside the school.
Burlington Township police, fire, EMS, and school administrators all gather around the same CRG to communicate during a crisis. Make sure you have poster-sized maps accessible for your command post during an emergency!

As part of the NJ State Mapping Initiative (SMI), coordinated by the NJ State Police and and Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness, CRGs are being used to facilitate the Active Shooter Incident Management (ASIM) courses. 

Mike Urbanski of the NJ Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness Training and Exercise Bureau leads ASIM training in Monmouth County, NJ using CRGs. This is an awesome resource – find out more at
The Pine Hill Police Department, led by Chief Chris Winters, practices active shooter response and incident management on the CRGs of their local school. This is what good training looks like, and is exactly how the most elite US military special operators plan for a mission. Practice using your CRGs before an emergency!

After severe earthquakes struck the island of Puerto Rico, a contingent of New Jersey State Troopers was deployed to assist with recovery efforts. Critical Response Group was proud to support their efforts with CRGs of their operational area. 

We traveled to Lee County, Florida to conduct a week of on-site walkthroughs for dozens of schools for a county-wide mapping project. We will soon have CRGs built for every public school and hospital in Lee County!

Critical Response Group traveled across the country to attend professional conferences from New Jersey, Georgia, California, Wisconsin, and Texas. Here is a photo of Regional Director of Sales and Implementation Joe Hanson at the annual Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association Conference! Joe is a recently retired Special Operations Company Executive Officer from the United States Marine Corps. 

Our clients at Fiddler’s Elbow Country Club in Bedminster, NJ recently won an award for their implementation of CRGs at the New Jersey Club Managers Association Chapter Idea Fair. We congratulate them for their dedication to public safety! 

CRG Print Shop – Coming Soon

Critical Response Group will soon offer a printing service to complement digitally distributed map, based off feedback from our customers. This will allow users to make our maps as accessible as possible, both in digital and paper formats. We look forward to making sure there are CRGs in every first responder vehicle we work with – stay tuned for more.

Full-Scale Active Shooter Exercise, Monmouth NJ

Critical Response Group is preparing for its next full-scale active shooter exercise in Keyport, NJ. This exercise, led jointly by the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s and Sheriff’s Offices, is planned and evaluated by Critical Response Group. Many thanks for Chief Hafner and Captain Torres of Keyport PD for hosting the drill and for “volunteering” to serve as incident commanders. Leading from the front! If you are interested in full-scale exercises and dynamic table-top opportunities in your area, please contact us!

Featured Partner: ACG Solutions 

Approximately two years ago CRG began a relationship with ACG, and since that time we have worked together to delivered Collaborative Response Graphics® (CRG®) to several Georgia school districts as county-wide deployments. With the addition of our recent strategic partnership with the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police (GACP) we are confident that additional counties will join the ranks of clients that recognize the value of enhancing their security with our products and services. 

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Welcome to our Newest Clients


Our team at 911eye has worked hard over the last quarter to grow and expand our client base from police departments all across the United States, from New Jersey, to Florida, and Texas. 911eye is proud to announce that we have recently retained the City of Miami Police Department as our newest 911eye client. 

To read an update from Dennis Sims, the Director of Operations at Capita Products and 911eye, click the link below.

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Four Simple Steps to Evaluate Critical Incident Response Tools

by Keith Germain, Chief of Police, Barnegat Police Department; Co-Founder, Critical Response Group, Inc. 

Whether it be medicine, aviation, or the automobile industry, there are many layers of protection in place to ensure that when a product comes to market– especially one that can have life-or-death consequences– it has been vetted and tested in the real world to determine its safety and effectiveness.

There is one fast-growing industry, however, where these checks and balances don’t exist: the safety and security industry surrounding active killer and critical incident response.

The school safety vertical alone is expected to see $2.8 billion in expenditures by 2021. There are surely many well-meaning companies out there trying to contribute solutions to mitigate the ever-increasing risk of school violence and active killer incidents. Like any other time in a capitalist economy when there is strong demand, there will be companies scrambling to get into the space in order to grab a piece of that $2.8 billion.

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