Featured Partner: StoneGate Associates, LLC

Stonegate Associates and Critical Response Group

Critical Response Group, Inc. (CRG) is a proud strategic partner with StoneGate Associates (SGA), having had the good fortune to work on many projects with Marcus DePontes and Errol Brudner. We greatly appreciate the enthusiasm they bring to all projects they conduct for public and private sector clients, and the quality of work they produce. They instill a sense of confidence in clients and work hard to establish meaningful relationships, so people feel supported even after projects are completed. It is with great pleasure that CRG introduces SGA as its spotlighted partner in our second company newsletter. For more information on the products and services provided by SGA please visit https://www.stonegateassociates.net.

Founded in 2003, SGA is a recognized leader providing Security, Workplace Violence, Fire Safety, Emergency Management and Health, Safety and Environmental Regulatory Compliance consulting services. Their services have helped both public and private organizations, government agencies and individuals mitigate risk, and ensure regulatory compliance with Federal and State agencies. SGA’s clients include Fortune 100 companies, healthcare facilities, academic institutions (both K-12 and College and University), Not-for-Profits (e.g. houses of worship), real estate development, government agencies, financial institutions, chemical and manufacturing environments.

SGA offers a holistic approach to security and risk management services across all spectrums. Working with senior administrators and general staff, their team—applies smart practices to ensure that vulnerabilities are identified early; that risk analysis, monitoring and response capabilities are proven effective; that operational security planning is thorough and firmly embedded into the culture and business model. SGA professionals possess years of law enforcement, private security, fire safety and emergency management project management experience that guide their clients as they manage risks and regulation in today’s world.