Office of School Safety and Security

The 2016 Idaho Legislature created the Idaho Office of School Safety and Security to support the efforts of Idaho public schools as they work to create safer learning environments. The Office works within a triennial schedule to perform comprehensive threat and vulnerability assessments on every school campus. Following a campus visit, administrators are provided a summary of the assessment with a list of possible mitigation strategies. In addition to assessment services, the Office also provides training, support and serves as a comprehensive repository of effective practices.


Idaho School Safety and Security Act

It is the intent of the legislature that the purpose of this chapter is to:
(1) Promote the safety and security of the students attending the public educational institutions of the state;
(2) Provide recommendations, systems and training to assist public
educational institutions at all levels for the safety and security of
(3) Enhance the safety and security resources available to public educational institutions;
(4) Ensure that periodic security assessments of statewide public educational institutions are conducted and reported;
(5) Ensure that surveys are conducted and research information is reported to appropriate parties;
(6) Promote the use of technical methods, devices and improvements to
address school security;
(7) Encourage the recognition of security design to be incorporated in
future construction or renovation of public educational institutions; and
(8) Provide written reports of security assessments to appropriate
school administrative authorities.