Nevada Division of Emergency Management – Homeland Security 

Nevada’s Division of Emergency Management (DEM) is a division of the Department of Public Safety, DEM Operates under the authority of NRS 414.

Staff is on call 24/7/365 to assist local and tribal authorities in response to emergencies. In addition, they staff the State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) when a disaster or emergency threatens the state, as well as prior to, during and after large scale events. Contact our dispatch center at 775-687-0400

Depending on the incident, when the SEOC is activated, it is staffed by DEM and representatives from the appropriate state agencies and volunteers, with responsibility for disaster response and recovery efforts.

The day-to-day responsibilities of emergency management are carried out by the agency’s sections: 

  • Administrative/Fiscal Section
    Our administrative/fiscal staff handles, budgets, fiscal accounting, personnel, payroll, travel and all other functions that support all facets of our agency.
  • Grants & Recovery Section
    Grants Management – Office of Domestic Preparedness (ODP) funding, Emergency Management Planning Grant (EMPG) funding, Department of Energy (DOE) funding and Waste Isolation/Project Plant (WIPP) funding.
    Hazard Mitigation – Hazard analysis and risk assessment, and grants. Public Assistance – Mutual aid, coordination of financial assistance for state of emergencies and Presidential declarations. 
  • Preparedness Section 
    Operations and Planning – Statewide planning, operations support and communications. 
    Training and Exercise – Training, anti-terrorism planning, critical infrastructure analysis.
    Southern Nevada Office – Regional Preparedness staff and Statewide Interoperable Communications Coordinator.  
  • Homeland Security Section
    In 2003 the Nevada Legislature created the Nevada Commission on Homeland Security as a response to the terror attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001. As described in Chapter 239C of the Nevada Revised Statues (NRS 239C), the Nevada Commission on Homeland Security is tasked with several responsibilities directed toward making recommendations to the Governor, the Legislature, local governments, private business, and citizens about actions and measures that may be taken to protect the citizens and visitors to this State from potential acts of terrorism and related emergencies.
  • State Emergency Operations Center -Activated when local capabilities are overwhelmed or when there is an operational need for the resource.

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Statewide School Safety Task Force 

Governor Brian Sandoval has established a Statewide School Safety Task Force that is charged with, the safety of Nevada’s schoolchildren as a matter of unparalleled importance and significance. School superintendents, principals, teachers, and state and district officials should be commended on the advances which make our schools safer and the diligence and dedication with which they have approached this issue. Despite these advances, the recent tragedy in Parkland, Florida demonstrates the real danger posed by an active shooter to students, teachers and staff on a school campus. It is imperative that the State of Nevada devote its resources toward making schools as safe as possible, so that students are free to learn, grow, and excel, becoming the citizens and leaders of tomorrow.