Vermont Department of Public Safety

Established in 2016, the Vermont School Safety Center is a collaborative effort between Vermont’s Department of Public Safety and Agency of Education.  This state agency partnership is designed to enhance the level of emergency preparedness in Vermont’s K-12 schools, utilizing state, regional and federal school safety partners to identify and share best practices and emerging trends.


Vermont Department of Public Safety: School Safety Planning 

All Vermont School Districts should develop and maintain a “school specific” Emergency Operations Plan that conforms to the principles of the National Incident Management System. This plan should be reviewed and updated annually by school leadership and should include the essential procedures, operations and assignments that are required to plan, prepare, mitigate, respond and recover from an emergency/disaster.  Schools are encouraged to work with their emergency first response community and local/regional emergency management officials to assist in the development of the school’s Emergency Operations Plan.  

In the absence of a fully developed Emergency Operations Plan, each school should utilize the Vermont School Crisis Planning Guide as their school’s Emergency Operations Plan.


Vermont Department of Public Safety: Vermont School Safety Center

The Virginia Center for School and Campus Safety is tasked with developing a list of items (see below) to be reviewed and evaluated in the school safety audits.  To assist in this process, the Center for School and Campus Safety developed a template for schools, once completed, the template should be sent to the Division Level Safety Audit Committee for review.

From emergency medical issues to school bus accidents to bomb threats, schools must be prepared to respond to all hazards.   Being prepared means knowing what hazards you are at risk for, creating a plan to address those hazards, training on the plan, and testing  the effectiveness of those plans. 

The Vermont School Safety Center offers best practices and recommendations on how to keep your school safe.  To access the Vermont School Crisis Planning Guide, School Safety Training, School Emergency Exercises, and additional School Safety Resources


Vermont School Safety Legislation 

In 2018, the Police Foundation staff conducted a comprehensive public domain scan of state legislation from all 50 states and the District of Columbia related to the following aspects of school safety and security:

  • facility security and assessment requirements;
  • creation, and identification of roles and responsibilities for state school safety centers and school safety teams/committees;
  • requirements for school administrators and faculty;
  • allocation of funds for improving school safety and security; and
  • all-hazards emergency planning and preparedness.

The Police Foundation also reviewed legislation and amendments passed by state legislatures and signed into law following the mass violence attacks at schools in Parkland, Florida, and Santa Fe, Texas. Seven states—Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island—officially codified new significant school safety and security laws that address at least one of the aspects mentioned above. The legislative review utilized open source research, and encompasses all legislation that was officially codified by September 11, 2018.