What Right Looks Like

A mentor of mine who rose to the highest levels of success and respect in law enforcement often uses a simple phrase to describe something that he sees as representing best practices or the pinnacle of performance in a certain discipline: “that’s what right looks like.” It’s a concise and effective way of saying that this is the example we should all be trying to follow and emulate.

Our clients, many of whom are in education, all share a similar goal when it comes to providing the safest environment for their customers, staff, and/or students: they want to do what’s right. The big unanswered question for many, however, in this new and ever evolving world of threat mitigation and response is, “what does right look like?”

It’s a question that can seem difficult to answer. As the multi-billion dollar school safety and active killer response industries continue to expand at breakneck pace, school administrators and corporate C-Suite leaders are bombarded with a never-ending parade of products, widgets, and magic bullets that promise to make their schools, businesses, or venues  the safest anywhere.

While those ultimately responsible for providing a safe environment would surely love to have the time to research and evaluate the laundry list of products and available solutions, the reality is that they are already highly-burdened.

With that burden in mind, the goal of this monthly column is to focus not just on planning, training, response, and implementation strategies– but specifically on those topics viewed through the lens of recognized best practices. By leveraging best practices we can all make strongly informed decisions when it comes to active threat planning, preparation, and response.

Since the modern-era of active killer incidents started in Columbine more than twenty years ago, untold sums have been spent researching and developing the tools and practices that are available to protect and keep safe those for whom we are responsible.

We all should strive to ensure that the tools and practices we put in place to prepare for the eventuality of an active killer or other critical incident are squarely in line with best practices.

We look forward to working with you regularly to achieve that goal together.

After all– that’s what right looks like.