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Critical Incident Mapping™ Solutions for Events

Events and large gatherings are particularly vulnerable targets. With masses of people, varied indoor and outdoor gathering places, and large event management staff that are difficult to coordinate, CRGs can provide vital communication tools in an emergency.

Location Types

Critical Incident Mapping™ for All Event Types

No matter the size of the venue or the size of the crowd, event management staff all deal with the same concern: quick, agile coordination in a crisis. Our detailed yet easy-to-understand graphics put staff and emergency response teams on the same page, streamlining evacuation plans in those critical moments.




Sporting Events

Trusted By the Biggest Events in the Country

Major concert and event promotions turn to CRGs to help coordinate their response plans.

Works with CRG


CRGs work with many of the existing technologies and systems event management staff and public safety personnel already rely on, including VMS, CAD, GXP On Scene and much more.

When there is a mass gathering of people at special events, effective pre-planning is essential. I cannot overstate the value of having CRGs in place when we were preparing to secure our venue.

- Professional Sports Venue Safety Director

Coordination With A Common Language

Every event type and venue has its own unique language and nomenclature. CRGs ensure that event management staff and first responders are using the same terms for essential building features like stage areas, race routes, attendee routes, pavilions and more.

Integrations Into Existing Tools

Event staff can easily integrate CRGs into technologies and platforms they already use and trust such as VMS.

Building Location-Specific Plans

Using CRGs, event management teams can customize coordination plans specific to the venue and event type. With more detailed emergency evacuation plans, incident response protocols, and pre-operational plans, teams can be confident in knowing a plan is in place to quickly respond to a crisis.

Build your event plan using CRGs.

Give your team the peace of mind they deserve.

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