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Critical Incident Mapping™ Solutions for Hospitals

Medical facilities take the lives of vulnerable patients in their hands. Having detailed action plans that cover building interiors, exteriors, and parking structures work to help coordinate first responders in a crisis.

Location Types

Critical Incident Mapping™ for All Medical Facility Types


With large communal areas, individual rooms, and other interior and exterior features, hospitals present a unique challenge for emergency response teams.

Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities require CRGs and action plans that accommodate for difficult-to-move patients.


While typically smaller than hospitals, clinics also feature patients and staff siloed in individual rooms which can be difficult to coordinate in an emergency.

Trusted By Industry Leaders

Respected names in the medical industry from across the country turn to Critical Response Group:

Works with CRG


CRGs integrate into many of the platforms and technologies medical institutions trust.

We recognized that the size and complexity of our hospital floors would make it difficult for security staff to quickly and simply direct first responders to specific locations during an emergency. We immediately saw CRGs as the perfect solution to address the needs of our facility in the event there is an emergency.

- Major Hospital Network in New York

Using Common Language

Each medical facility has its own system of room numbers, stairwell delineation, hazardous chemical storage areas, and much more. By relying on CRGs, hospitals, clinics and ALFs can ensure clear coordination with first responders.

Integrations Into Existing Tools

CRGs work in concert with existing tools medical facilities use, including VMS, panic button technology, and more.

Location-Specific Plans

By leveraging CRGs, medical facilities can work with expert response teams to build detailed action plans for everything from environmental hazards and emergency evacuations to incident response.

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