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Critical Incident Mapping™ Solutions for Transportation Centers

Transportation centers are difficult to protect for a multitude of reasons. With a constantly cycling group of patrons coming in and out on a daily basis, it’s essential for security teams to have an action plan to know exactly what to do in a crisis. CRGs can form the basis of any detailed response plan.

Location Types

Critical Incident Mapping™ for All Transit Building Types


One of the most notorious soft target sites on earth, airports feature large indoor and outdoor gathering areas that demand protection and planning for a crisis.

Trains & Subways

Featuring large gathering areas and patrons with potentially hazardous luggage, trains and subway stations require CRGs to act quickly in an emergency.


WIth difficult-to-track cargo from all over the world, port terminals are large, high-value sites that can be vulnerable to attack.

Trusted By Transportation Facilities Across the Country

Major transportation and travel organizations rely on CRGs to protect their patrons and property.

Works with CRG


Transportation site and security personnel can feel confident that CRGs are easily implemented and shared across the tools emergency response teams trust and already use.

Transportation facilities present unique challenges because of the scale of the structures and many areas where people congregate while traveling. Our security team was excited to leverage CRGs in our safety platforms to enhance those systems with best-in-class mapping technology.

-Director of Security of a Florida Airport

One Common Language

Every transportation site has unique nomenclature including terminal names and numbers, platform labeling conventions, baggage claim numbers, security checkpoints, parking structures and much more. CRGs place internal and external teams on equal footing.

Integrates With Trusted Tools

CRGs can be incorporated into the visitor management systems and other security platforms transportation site personnel use on a daily basis.

Location-Specific Plans

In a crisis where every second matters, CRGs offer the ability to think ahead, creating detailed reunification and emergency evacuation plans to be best prepared for any crisis situation.

Begin putting your action plan in place today.

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