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Critical Incident Mapping™ Solutions for Municipal Buildings

Ensuring workplace safety in state, local, and federal government buildings is a top priority for security personnel. With CRGs, internal staff can more easily coordinate with first responders to navigate even the most complex public buildings.

Location Types

Critical Incident Mapping™ for All Levels of Government


In buildings like courthouses where emotions run high, CRGs can enable clear communication for staff tasked with enforcing the rule of law during an emergency.

Capitol Buildings

Typically large, complex structures with unique layouts, capitol buildings can benefit greatly from CRGs to coordinate response units in any crisis or unruly protest.

Municipal Buildings

CRGs work to ensure workplace safety in municipal buildings by creating detailed action plans for any eventuality.

Trusted Across the Country

States and municipalities around the country turn to CRGs to help coordinate their emergency response.

Works with CRG


CRGs can be easily integrated into CADs and visitor management systems governments and municipalities already deploy and trust.

CRGs revolutionize an emergency response and solve the issue of establishing a standardized common operating picture during an emergency. Public safety organizations deal with multiple disparate safety systems within a single area of operation, but CRGs serve as the common thread among them all.

- State Official, Florida

Using A Unified Nomenclature

Government buildings often have unique features such as security checkpoints, restricted access areas, and site-specific meeting rooms; CRGs put all internal and external teams on the same page with a common language.

Integrated Into Trusted Tools

CRGs integrate easily into visitor management systems, CADs and much more that security personnel use on a daily basis in their operations.

Location-Specific Plans

With CRGs, security teams can easily build out detailed reunification, emergency evacuation, and other crisis-based plans to prepare for any event.

Critical Incident Mapping Data™ States Trust

Build your site-specific security plans using CRGs critical incident mapping today

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