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Critical Incident Mapping™ Solutions for Businesses

Private sector and enterprise institutions represent a wide swath of highly trafficked, varied location types. In an emergency, CRGs can put enterprise security and first response teams all on the same page.

Location Types

Critical Incident Mapping™ for All Enterprise Businesses


From open-plan outdoor malls to dense urban shopping centers, malls cover a wide range of exterior and interior location types.


Featuring large warehouse buildings, offices and transportation centers, manufacturing sites need to put the safety of their employees first.

Office Space

With complicated interior designs, office spaces rely on close coordination between security teams and first responders.


Highly trafficked with common areas and isolated individual rooms, hotels require detailed action plans in the event of an emergency.

Sporting Venues

Some of the highest profile gathering centers, sporting venues bring thousands of people together at a time.

Theme Parks

Made up of large exterior, communal areas, theme parks can be particularly chaotic in an emergency and require clear, quick communication between security teams and first responders.

Trusted By Industry Leaders

Enterprises of all stripes and sizes from around the country turn to Critical Response Group.

Works with CRG


CRGs work in concert with many of the trusted platforms currently deployed by enterprises of all sizes, including:

We recognized that our company is spread across a large campus with multiple buildings. We use CRGs to share customized, site-specific information that police can access through their own response technology platforms. This makes our employees safer because all first responders can reach them faster.

-Security Director of a Large International Company

Speak the Same Language

With many enterprises featuring their own security teams and internal references like “back of house” or “restricted area”, CRGs work to place emergency response units and internal teams on common ground.

Integrations Into Existing Tools

CRGs work with many existing tools, integrating easily into VMS as many others.

Location-Specific Plans

Enterprise and private sector locations contain some of the most varied layouts of exterior and interior structures. By leveraging CRGs enterprises are able to closely collaborate with emergency response teams to build detailed action plans for any crisis.

Protect your patrons and employees today.

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