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The Nation’s Leader on Critical Incident Mapping Data

Enabling better communication and navigation during an incident.

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America’s Most Trusted Provider of Critical Incident Mapping

Our Critical Incident Mapping solutions are validated by thousands of real-world incidents under the most stressful conditions, and are deployed across the United States to protect schools, businesses, hospitals, and other critical infrastructure.

The Challenge

Communication Issues Facing Emergency Responders

Unfamiliar Locations

Too often in a crisis situation, emergency response teams find themselves unprepared with a lack of reliable location data to coordinate personnel.

Disparate Systems

Internal security, police, EMS, fire departments and more may be operating on different location data. This can lead to miscommunication in critical moments.

Operating Under Stress

In those moments of crisis, every second matters. Spending critical minutes aligning location information can be disastrous, compounded with the stress of the emergency.

The Solution

Building Collaboration Through Content

Critical Response Group is built on the foundation that when we all speak the same language, we work better. Through collaborative critical incident mapping, we ensure that emergency response personnel and internal teams are all operating from a unified understanding of a place: the site-specific nomenclature, the exact features of the location, and more. This common operating picture saves critical moments in an emergency, which can save lives.

What Makes Us Different

Our team and our collective experience is what sets us apart. Critical Response Group is comprised of US Special Operation veterans, public safety professionals, technical experts, and business executives that bring the lessons learned from the battlefield and beyond back home. We know first hand the stress of operating in a crisis, and we’re committed to transferring that first-hand knowledge to better emergency preparedness in our own communities.

Our Product

Understanding Collaborative Response Graphics®

Collaborative Response Graphics® (CRGs) are used to coordinate emergency response personnel both outside and inside a building. These simple visual communication and collaboration tools enhance response time and improve command and control during an incident through common language and unified points of reference between internal teams and response units.

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Critical Response Group is here for you. Our dedicated team strives to make our communities safer through better emergency preparedness.

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